Why is UP-grade so effective?

Most academic support centres focus on their own curriculum material which doesn't cater for each child's individual school curriculums and teaching paces. Students may have been worked hard during the lesson but the knowledge they receive is seldom tested. This ultimately results in frustrated learners who start doubting their academic ability. At UP-grade, teachers encourage students to bring their own notes from their own schools allowing the teachers to tailor their lessons to the individual's needs. When children work from their own textbooks and from their own notes, they become more familiar with their own school's work and this starts to achieve the ulitmate goal - to build a child's confidence in their own academic ability.

UP-grade also has qualified teachers (not make-shift tutors or computers) that teach in their professional, beautifully appointed classrooms inside the safe and convenient La Lucia Mall. Each teacher is a specialist in their field. For example: only qualified Junior Primary teachers teach Junior Primary children and qualified Grade 12 Maths teachers teach Grade 12 Maths and so on.

Children are also encouraged to have a relaxed relationship with their UP-grade teachers, where they can share a laugh and come to enjoy the adventure to UP their GRADES. To have an email sent to you with all the Costs, Times and Options, complete an online Student Enquiry


Simply put:       

-     We reinforce your child's current school work

-     We are friendly, specialised, qualified teachers

-     We're in the most convenient and safe location

-     Children love their lessons

-     We get results             



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